R, however, is not suited for deploying machine learning models in production—Python would be a better pick for that task. Python is the first programming language you should learn if you want to become an AI engineer. After you have mastered Python and its applications in AI development, you can start learning other programming languages. Python is the most crucial programming language to learn for AI developers and most don’t learn any other languages throughout their careers.

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It’s one of the most frequently used programming languages, with applications in AI, machine learning, data science, web apps, desktop apps, networking apps, and scientific computing. C++ has a number of libraries and frameworks for AI development, including TensorFlow, OpenCV, and Caffe. TensorFlow is an open-source library for machine learning and deep learning that provides a wide range of tools for building and deploying models. OpenCV is a library for computer vision that provides a collection of tools for image processing, feature extraction, and object detection.

Can you use JavaScript for machine learning and artificial intelligence?

As the need for AI-powered software and apps grows, so too does the need for AI developers. Like all things related to software development, how to best create AI-based software and applications depends on multiple factors. Python has hundreds of libraries that make any type of project possible, whether it is a mobile app, web app, data science, or artificial intelligence. For example, ‘Numpy’ for scientific computation, ‘Pybrain’ for machine learning, ‘Scipy’ for advanced computing, and ‘AIMA’ for artificial intelligence. Specifically, it is a good host for probabilistic programming and helps developers catch errors at compile time. If you are interested, you can check out Hakura, a research project creating embedded probabilistic programming.

What will replace Python?

Having evolved into a go-to programming language, Rust has seen an increase in its adoption. Although Python holds a firm place in the machine learning and data science community, Rust is likely to be used in the future as a more efficient backend for Python libraries. Rust has huge potential to replace Python.

Modern developers use some IPL feature s, such as lists, recursion, higher-order function s, symbols and generators. AIML interpreters are available in C#, Pascal, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, and other programming languages. Moreover, a W3C XML Schema and semi-formal specification for AIML are also available. Python’s holistic language design, the balance of low-level and high-level programming, modular programming, and testing frameworks make it different from other languages. Haskell in strong static typing, a non-strict programming language developed in 1990.

What Is the Best Programming Language for AI?

Another perk to keep in mind is the Scaladex, an index containing any available Scala libraries and their resources. In Prolog AI programming, the programmer specifies a set of rules or ‘facts’, and the end goal. Prolog then finds the connection between the two and proceeds with pattern matching to produce desired results.

In terms of AI capabilities, Julia is great for any machine learning project. Whether you want premade models, help with algorithms, or to play with probabilistic programming, a range of packages await, including MLJ.jl, Flux.jl, Turing.jl, and Metalhead. Building artificial intelligence tools is easier with these AI-focused programming languages. However, instead of calling it an old language, experts would call it a well-aged, mature AI programming language. It is a logical, declarative programming language developed for natural language processing. How good it is at that job can be understood by the fact that IBM Watson uses Prolog in parsing natural language in fielding human-generated questions.

Build a Neural Network to Learn About AI

Another study, conducted by Oberlo, states that 91% of top businesses have already invested in Artificial Intelligence. Also according to them, around 62% of customers are ready to share data if it improves their experiences with a business. Learn how to land your dream data science job in just six months with in this comprehensive guide.


This approach is being used in climate modeling and applications predicting epidemics, for example. This language is mostly used to make webpages more interactive by inserting dynamic features into classic HTML programming. These characteristics have made JavaScript incredibly popular and turned it into one of the most widely used languages. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have almost become part of everyday conversation. Beyond being buzzwords, these concepts also represent career opportunities.


It is faster than Python, accelerating development processes for organizations. Plus, JS keeps data safe because it is not able to access files on an ML user’s computer. Combined with its popularity among programmers, this language is likely to grow more influential over the coming years. If you work in IT or a related field, you have probably heard of Python as a programming language.

  • It is well suited for projects like voice control systems and filling templates.
  • So if you run a line of code, you can see the output immediately.
  • Join a network of the world’s best developers and get long-term remote software jobs with better compensation and career growth.
  • “What programming language for artificial intelligence is the best?
  • This major programming language has a relatively complex syntax, making it extremely flexible.
  • The main reason why lisp programming is no longer that common is that basic features that made AI development simpler have migrated to languages like Python and C.

This popularity has created an excellent environment for businesses trying to generate additional AI improvements like artificial intelligence customer services. In an era of multicore processors, computer networks, and big codebases, Google adopted Go in 2012 after it was first conceptualized in 2007. The goal of the designers was to address common complaints about other languages while maintaining many of their beneficial traits. Another Python module that manages the data, SciKit-Learn, is a crucial component of the AI workflow. Functions for classification, model selection, and data pre-processing are available in SciKit-Learn.

Best Programming Languages ​​for AI

Developers cherish Python for its simple syntax and object-oriented approach to code maintainability. Lucero is a programmer and entrepreneur with a feel for Python, data science and DevOps. Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he’s a musician who loves languages and dancing. As with everything in IT, there’s no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. They all have large ecosystems of libraries and frameworks that you can use for AI development.

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Used for a wide range of applications, including back-end development and machine learning, Python streamlines coding and makes the language easier to learn. Versatile and simple to use, this highly-popular language is an excellent choice for new and seasoned AI development engineers regardless of programming experience. Scala has a number of libraries and frameworks for AI development, including Apache Spark, Deeplearning4j, and ScalaNLP. Apache Spark is a fast and general-engine for large-scale data processing that can be used for machine learning, graph computation, and stream processing. Deeplearning4j is a deep learning library that allows developers to build and train deep learning models in Java, which can be used in Scala as well. ScalaNLP is a collection of natural language processing libraries for Scala.

Should I learn Python before AI?

The knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ is very important in becoming proficient in Artificial Intelligence. With the help of using a programming language such as Python, you can create complex algorithms with ease. The most important language which you need to consider learning is Python.

The best ai language is being used by Google, meta, Dropbox, Walt Disney, and other household names. Its popular library of code and package services put it far above its current competition. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup as a general-purpose programming language in 1985, c++ has seen significant expansion over the years. Now it supports object-oriented, generic, and functional features besides low-level memory manipulation.


The programming languages used in AI development play a crucial role in the development of AI systems and applications. By understanding the different programming languages used in AI and the factors to consider when choosing one, you can make informed decisions and develop more effective AI systems. The need for AI practitioners is rising as a result of this digital change. In fact, between 2020 and 2021, recruiting for AI-related positions surged by 165 percent.