It provides server side controls and events to create web application. The ASP.NET framework adds several libraries and tools to the .NET platform. For example, Razor is a web page templating syntax that gives developers the ability to build dynamic web pages using C#. This .NET framework also has an authentication system that includes databases, libraries, and template pages for creating login pages that utilize multi-factor and external authentication. Code Behind Mode –This is a concept of separating design and code.

What is ASP.NET used for

The best ASP.NET framework feature for a beginner to start with is the Model-View-Controller pattern. This pattern helps to separate the application logic, user interface, and data models, making it easier to manage and maintain the code. Additionally, MVC encourages modular programming, which makes it easier to build applications that are both extensible and maintainable. Semantic UI is a frontend framework for building user-friendly, responsive web applications. It provides a set of UI components based on natural language principles, and it can be used with ASP.NET through its Semantic UI library. You can download and install Bootstrapin your ASP.NET development environment using the official method as explained by the folks who built it.

Flexible deployment and easy maintenance

The following guide is an introduction to ASP.NET and a general overview of what it can do. For example, with the PHP framework Laravel, you need to set up a development environment with the correct versions of PHP, a web server, and a database. These requirements can be pretty time-consuming and complicated for newcomers. If you’re using windows, it’s much easier to develop in ASP.NET as you don’t need to worry about configuring everything correctly. If you know nothing about ASP.NET web application development, you should seriously consider outsourcing the project to a reputable IT consulting firm to save time and money. Matt has over 15 years of web development and agency management experience.

What is ASP.NET used for

However, because PHP tends to mix front-end code with back-end code, it makes it harder to understand and maintain as the complexity of the application grows. ASP.NET clearly separates the front end from the back end thus making it easier to maintain and grow. Finally, even though ASP.NET is open source and free to use, it is actively developed and supported by the world’s largest software company, Microsoft. Microsoft is heavily invested in their development platforms, their developer community, and supporting the software companies use to run these applications. This means you don’t need to worry about your software becoming yesterday’s news any time soon.

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Using this helps us to develop any web-based application rapidly. ASP.NET language has been there for a long time, and it enjoys the trust of developers for building resource-intensive applications. Developers What is ASP.NET use it to build desktop applications that can send and receive data on the Internet without a browser. Companies like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Capgemini, and others use this technology for their web projects.

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Even though ASP.NET and PHP have a few similarities, there are a number of significant differences that set them apart. We will cover the differences between these two frameworks and programming languages and explore why ASP.NET usually comes out on top as a web application framework of choice. The compilation process also provides validation that all of the code is consistent.

ASP.NET Web Forms Model

Additionally, continued support for the platform means that you can be confident your applications will be secure and won’t become outdated. ASP.NET is built into the familiar Windows server environment, so it’s easy to use, configure, and develop websites and web applications. This contrasts with other frameworks that require a lot of setup and configuration.

What is ASP.NET used for

As always happens, the transition period may be long and difficult. The applications built with the old .NET Framework outnumber those with .NET Core. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will experience this transition. In corporate environments, the transition may not be prioritized as much. The third implementation is called Xamarin and is used for mobile applications and Mac products. Originally, Xamarin was designed independently from Microsoft and was a proprietary product.

Development Best Practices for building web apps

Cross-Browser Compatibility-SASS can be used to write code that is compatible with multiple browsers. This can help you ensure that your applications look and function correctly across all platforms. ASP.NET provides a secure environment for building applications. It provides a secure authentication system for users and also provides an authorization system for controlling access to resources using code. The .NET Framework is a general-purpose software development framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library of solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework.

  • Developers will have to spend a little extra effort to complete a transition.
  • ASP.NET Core allows developers to utilize all of these new technologies.
  • In this particular article, we would like to talk about ASP.NET, one of the most important weapons.
  • These codes can use the entire class hierarchy in the .Net framework.
  • You can get Nancyfx from the official repositoryusing the command line in your ASP.NET environment.
  • Meanwhile ASP.Net is a main tool that is present in the .net framework and is aimed at simplifying the development of dynamic applications.

Usually, business needs are growing and your software has to scale with it. Entity is an object-relational mapper that links object-oriented .NET Framework and relational databases. Some engineers believe Entity Framework isn’t flexible enough and may not support all available database designs.

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Additionally, because it’s open source, a massive community of developers is still contributing to the development of ASP.NET. When Microsoft released its first version of ASP.NET in 2002, it was a game-changer as it made web development much easier and more efficient. To put it simply, ASP.NET Core is a newer version of ASP.NET released as open source to the community. It can be executed in a number of different web browsers and every type of operating system, whether it’s Windows, macOS, or Linux. It’s also worth noting that ASP.NET core also performs better than earlier versions of ASP.NET. ASP.NET has built-in features that allow application integration across the internet through web APIs.

What is ASP.NET used for

However, be careful not to cache too much data, as this can result in memory issues. In fact, according to the Stack Overflow 2021 developer survey, more than 15% of developers still prefer ASP.NET over other frameworks for their web development needs. Leverage technology that significantly decreases the amount of code required to build large applications. You’ll have a simplified way to build the front-end client-side of your app within the Visual Studio Development environment.

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These types of scenarios are perfect for WebSockets and SignalR makes it easy to do. This can be used to persist long running connections and communicate back and forth with the browser. SignalR is a full framework that is also available that makes it easy handle common scenarios.